Source: site.view [edit]
Function name: sitebookmarkform
Arguments: ctype,module,usecache
Description: Template form for bookmark edit page
Page type: snippet
Render function:  
Module: siteutil

Page source:

<form action="/webl/WubHub_SaveFunction" method="post">
          <td>Function name: </td>
          <td><input name="name" value="%name%" size="45" title="Name of the function"/> &nbsp; &nbsp; Args: 
          <input name="arglist" value="%arglist%" size="22" title="Arguments for the function"/>
          </td> </tr>

          <td>Description: </td>
          <td><input name="description" value="%description%" size="80" title="Brief synopsis of function"/></td>
          <td valign="top">URL: </td>
          <td><input name="exec" value="%exec%" size="80" title="Text, data, or source code"/></td>

           <input name="tags" value="%tags%" size="45" title="Specify a comma-separated list of tags. Tags are user-defined, searchable mechanisms for classifying functions.  May be left blank."/>
           &nbsp; &nbsp;Flags: 
          <input name="flags" value="%flags%" size="22" title="Specify a comma-separated list of tags. Flags are mechanisms for classifying functions that have system meaning."/>

          <td>Module: </td>
	    <select name="module">
var SelectedOption = fun(item, desired)
   if (item == desired) then
       return ` selected="true"`
       return " "

// -------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Returns HTML listing leagal module options for a user
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------
export var LegalModuleOptions = fun(module)
   var s = "";
   every m in Wub_WritableModules() do
      s = s + "<option" + SelectedOption(m,module) + ` value="` + m + `">` + m + "</option>\n"
   return s;
             <input name="ctype" value="url" type="hidden" size="30"/>
             <input name="render" value="%render%" type="hidden" size="30"/>
             <input name="test" value="%test%" type="hidden" size="30"/>
             <input name="version" value="%version%" type="hidden" size="30"/>
             <input name="created" value="%created%" type="hidden" size="30"/>
             <input name="createdby" value="%createdby%" type="hidden" size="30"/>
             <input name="modified" value="%modified%" type="hidden" size="30"/>
             <input name="modifiedby" value="%modifiedby%" type="hidden" size="30"/>
             <input name="oldtags" value="<webl>`%old` + `tags%`</webl>" type="hidden" size="30"/>
             <input name="oldspecialtags" value="<webl>`%old` + `specialtags%`</webl>" type="hidden" size="30"/>
             <input name="oldflags" value="<webl>`%old` + `flags%`</webl>" type="hidden" size="30"/>
             <input name="usecache" value="" type="hidden" size="30"/>
             <input name="cacheexpire" value="" type="hidden" size="30"/>
             <input name="cacherefreshrate" value="" type="hidden" size="30"/>

             <input type="submit" value="Save">