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Function name: groupinvitemsg
Arguments: invitationid,joinWhat,numuses,invitername,inviterid
Description: Displays invitation message for a group, given a new invitationid and groupname.
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Module: siteutil

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<p>Below is the invitation token you may pass on to to someone 
you'd like to invite to join the project "%joinWhat%".  You may copy the
message below and e-mail it.

This invitation token will work for <b>%numuses%</b> signup(s).


<h1>Invitation To Join Collaborama Project "%joinWhat%"</h1>

<p>%invitername% has invited you to join the project "%joinWhat%".</p>

<p>If you choose to join, you will have edit privileges on pages stored 
in the group's directory, and the commands in the group will be added
to your default search path.  You may join more than one project.</p>

If you'd like to signup for this group,, visit Collaborama and type 
in the command line.  When prompted for an invitation token, use this:

Invitation token:  %invitationid%