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Description: These terms govern any code contributions you make to WubHub.
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<H1>Code Contribution Terms and Conditions</H1>

Basically, we haven't decided what license terms we will use for code contributed to Collaborama -- we will do so by the time we are out of alpha phase.  We'd like your <a href="/webl/WubHub_DoIt?cmdline=opinions">opinions</a> about this!
It is likely that we will make all code contributed to the portal under some open source license such as LGPL.  However, there are lots of possibilities, so in the meantime, we take the most restrictive policy:
Any code contributions you make on this portal (creates, edits) are donated to the Collaborama code base and can be used for any purposes that the Collaborama Owners decide.  Once a license policy has been decided upon, these contributions may be included under the new license terms, whatever they may be.