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            <p align="left">Adam Cheyer is
            currently Founder and VP Engineering at <a target="_blank" href="">Siri, Inc.</a>, a company aimed at fundamentally redesigning the face of the consumer internet experience.  Siri was recently acquired by <a target="_blank" href="">Apple</a>, where Mr. Cheyer now works as a Director of Engineering in the iPhone group.  Mr. Cheyer is is also a Founding Member of <a target="_blank" href=""></a>, the premier social network for positive social change, and a Founder of <a target="_blank" href="">Genetic Finance</a>.

            <p align="left">Previously, Adam Cheyer was a Program Director in SRI's Artificial Intelligence Center, where he served as Chief Architect of the <a target="_blank" href="pal.pdf">CALO/PAL project</a>, an ambitious effort to create a next-generation personal cognitive assistant  that learns and self-improves "in the wild" (e.g. with no code changes). 

            <!-- p align="left">Mr. Cheyer was VP of Engineering at <a target="_blank" href="">Dejima</a>,
            a mobile technology company, and at Verticalnet, a public B2B E-Commerce company.</font></p -->
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