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<a href="WubHub_DoIt?cmdline=gfAboutNoRewards(%coins%)">About the Rewards At Home Screensaver</a>


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<h2>Frequently Asked Questions</h2>

<li> <a href="#q1">How does this work?</a>
</li><li> <a href="#q2">Does this cost me anything?</a>
</li><li> <a href="#q3">I'm a private person.  What do you learn about me personally?</a>
</li><li> <a href="#q4">Is it safe?  Could my computer get a virus through this screensaver?</a>
</li><li> <a href="#q5">How do you benefit when I let you run this screensaver on my computer?</a>

<!-- /li><li> <a href="#q6">How do I earn Reward Points?</a>
</li><li> <a href="#q7">What can I spend Reward Points on?</a>
</li><li> <a href="#q8">How do I physically take claim of my winnings and prizes?</a -->

</li><li> <a href="#q9">Can you tell me a bit about the science behind Genetic Finance?</a>
</li><li> <a href="#q10">This is cool!  Can I invite my friends?</a>
</li><li> <a href="#q11">Can I invest money in resulting funds?</a>
</li><li> <a href="#q12">How do I setup the screensaver to show my own personal photos instead of a web slideshow?</a>

</li><li> <a href="#q13">How do I earn Reward Points FASTER?</a>

If you have additional questions, please contact <a href=""></a>.


<h3><a name="q1"> How does this work?</a></h3>

It's simple!  First, you download and install this screensaver program.  When you are not actively using your computer (e.g. maybe you've gotten up to get some coffee), the screensaver runs, showing photo shows, newsfeeds, etc.  During this time, it will also use the "spare" compute cycles on your machines to perform sophisticated computations to help model the stock market. 

The benefits?
  <li> Helps the environment by maximizing the use of computers around the world which are turned on but not doing anything useful.
  <li> Allows you to enjoy photo slideshows and a graphical news reader.
  <li> Helps Genetic Finance better understand the dynamics of the stock market.

<h3><a name="q2">  Does this cost me anything?</a></h3>

No, this is an absolutely free service!  In fact, as you run our free screensaver, you acquire reward points which you can spend on valuable benefits.

<!-- h3><a name="q6">  How do I earn Reward Points?</a></h3>

There are three ways to earn reward points:
  <li>Do nothing!  Just let the screen saver run and you earn points for every minute it runs...</li>
  <li>Invite your friends.  You get 25 points for every friend who signs up.  Import your contacts to invite many people at once...</li>
  <li>Buy reward points. $1 per point...</li>

<h3><a name="q7">  What can I spend Reward Points on?</a></h3>

Today, we offer three kinds of valuable prizes:

   <li> <u>Charitable prizes</u>: You may select from a number of the world's most problems and apply your points towards contributing to charities that address them.  Feed the hungry, save the rainforest, provide clean drinking water, educate children, fight global warming, protect stray animals, fight disease through vaccinations, and renew the earth by planting trees.
   <li> <u>Enter a prize drawing</u>: Every month, we pick from Reward@Home prize drawing contestants and award valuable prizes such as the Wii, iPhone, flatscreen TVs, etc.
   <li> <u>Win Millions in a lottery</u>: You can use your free rewards points to buy tickets in the New York State Lottery, and win a chance to earn millions of dollars.

<h3><a name="q7">  Do Reward Points expire?</a></h3>

No, there is no expiration date on reward points!

<h3><a name="q8">  How do I physically take claim of my winnings and prizes?</a></h3>

If you have won a prize in our monthly drawing or have chosen winning numbers in the NY State lottery, we will contact you by email to ask where you want your winning merchandise mailed to.


<h3><a name="q3">  I'm a private person.  What do you learn about me personally?</a></h3>

We completely respect your privacy!  We only retain the following information about your use of the Screensaver:

   <li> Your email address, so that we can contact you if you win a prize.  We will not sell or provide your email to anyone else, and we will not use your email to send you annoying advertisements or information you don't want.  Occasionally, we will contact you with updates about our service.
   <li> Results of computations your screensaver produces relating to stock market predictions.  However, these results are completely anonymous and not linked to your computer, user name, email or real identity in any way.
   <li> Aggregate (anonymous) information about how our users make use of the service, so that we can improve the user experience.

We DO NOT record:
   <li> Emails from your address book of friends you choose to invite to the service
   <li> Any identifiable information linked to your email or name about how you use the screensaver service (e.g. which newsfeeds you read, which photo feeds you watch)

<h3><a name="q4">  Is it safe?  Could my computer get a virus through this screensaver?</a></h3>

We take every precaution to ensure that the screensaver is safer than just about any other software you can download or install on your computer:

  <li> We are pursuing (and expect to receive) the highest security ratings by audit companies such as TrustE and HackerSafe.
  <li> We encrypt all communications from your screensaver to our servers.
  <li> We run the latest virus scans from a number of security companies on the screensaver executable you download, and we encrypt the transmission of the executable to ensure it is not tampered with in any way during delivery.

<h3><a name="q5">  How do you benefit when I let you run this screensaver on my computer?</a></h3>

The screensaver only starts when your computer is "idle", meaning that it is turned on but you are not actively using it for other purposes.  We put this "wasted" computer capacity to good use by having your computer contribute to analyzing trends and patterns in historical stock market data.  Through the combined "learnings" of many computers, we hope to develop models that more accurately predict stock market behavior, and if we are successful, will make the results of these predictive models available to investors through a fund.

<h3><a name="q9">  Can you tell me a bit about the science behind Genetic Finance?</a></h3>

Genetic Finance was developed by a team of machine learning experts who are dedicated to building the world's largest distributed infrastructure for financial prediction.  This team has developed advanced machine learning meta-algorithms that combine Evolutionary Algorithms and Distributed Replicating Traders in a highly scalable distributed computing infrastructure tailored to algorithmic processing.

<h3><a name="q10">  This is cool!  Can I invite my friends?</a></h3>

Absolutely!  Best of all, you get 25 points for each friend who signs up and downloads the screensaver.

<h3><a name="q11">  Can I invest money in resulting funds?</a></h3>

If you are an Accredited (or "Qualified") Investor, as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Regulation D (see, you may invest in funds powered by the Genetic Finance infrastructure.  Write to <a href=""></a> if you are interested in learning more.

<h3><a name="q12">  How do I setup the screensaver to show my own personal photos instead of a web slideshow?</a></h3>

To show your own photos in the "images" tab: 

<li> Choose the Settings panel in the screensaver. 
<li> Select the Photo Feeds tab within the Settings panel 
<li> Click on the "Personal" folder 
<li> Create a name for the photo feed, and choose the Browse Disk button to select a folder with images in it. 
<li> Click "Add" to add the feed to the directory 
<li> Select your new feed and click on the >> button to start playing it. 
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