Source: site.view [edit]
Function name: slashsearch
Arguments: term
Description: Show recent slashdot posts containing specified term
Page type: webl
Render function:  
Module: global

Page source:

var P = GetURL("",
   [. tid="", query=term, author="", sort="1", op="stories" .] );

// Select all "div" elements of class "search-results"
var pieces = Select(Elem(P, "div"), fun(e) (e.class == "search-results") ? false end);

// Accumulate them in piece result
var result = NewPiece("","text/html");

every p in pieces do
   var title = Elem(p,"h4")[0];
   var divs = Elem(p,"div");
   // divs[0] is date etc., divs[1] is intro

   // Clean up unneeded text
   Delete(Pat(divs[0], `On `));
   Delete(Pat(divs[0], `with \w* comments`));
   Delete(Pat(divs[1], `.* writes "`));

   // Create new paragraph with title, data, and intro
   var entry = NewNamedPiece("p",Content(title));
   InsertBefore(EndTag(entry), Content(divs[1]));
   InsertBefore(EndTag(entry), Content(divs[0]));

   // Add paragraph to results
   InsertBefore(EndTag(result), entry)

if Size(pieces) == 0 then
   result = NewPiece("<b>No results</b>","text/html");